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Welcome to The Benveniste Law Offices!

We are Credit Card Defense Attorneys that can fight and win your credit card lawsuit.

Hiring us to defend your case will save you thousands of dollars, endless trips to court, and the aggravation of dealing with the bank’s lawyers.

As former collection attorneys that know all the defensive strategies to fight and win your credit card lawsuit. The court system can be a confusing and frustrating place to a non-attorney. The bank’s attorneys will try and convince you to pay them money. Call us first to discuss your options. Even if you owe the money, we know all the strategies to fight the case.

We offer low-cost, effective representation to fit your financial needs. Don’t risk a judgment on your record. Contact us today! Our phone number is (847) 559-1610. You can fax your information to (847) 572-1388 or email

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